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File Extensions

Do you want to open a file with an unknown extension? Find the appropriate programs.

Basic information about file extensions

When you open the file, a computer must recognize the format in which it has been saved. This way it is able to display the stored data in a way that can be read by people. A machine can recognize the file extension through the format of the data saved. It concerns a short sequence of characters (usually 3-4 characters) placed after the last dot in the name of a specific file.

Users can also search in a database for a specific file format and check the possibility of converting it to the format of their choice.

In our website you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What program to use in order to open a file with an unknown extension?
  • What program to use to convert a particular file to a new format?
  • What are the most common problems with the searched file extension?

What information you will find here?

The most frequently used file formats have been precisely described, so that everyone will know the details of a specific extension. The list of extensions also include the details of a manufacturer, category of the file and its popularity.

Information about programs

The includes a list of applications that open particular file extensions. In addition, the users of the website will also find places from which they will be able to download programs that open specific files (these are primarily manufacturers’ websites).